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"The #1 book men fear reading"
The chapters you are about to read are eye opening, authentic & real. This book will touch you in more ways than you can imagine. The reality is that you will feel pain; you may get emotional or even cry. But there is no denying it- you will be touched. There are painful truths that are presented here, ones that we often try to hide from, yet they are so important to face, deal with, and grow from on our journey.

Chapter One

The book begins with the image of the father standing on the porch, petting Sounder. The boy, his son, asks the man how he got Sounder, and the father explains that Sounder came to him on the road as a pup. The boy loves Sounder, especially now that he does not go to school. The walk is too far—eight miles each way—and, in the winter, is much too cold. The boy thinks about what a great hunting dog Sounder is and how the dog could shake a possum dead from a tree without even puncturing its skin. Perhaps the most impressive quality about the dog is its bark, which echoes so loudly, even musically, that most of the neighbors can hear it....

About The Author

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Peter Ithier

“Life is short tomorrow is promised to no one”. Peter was born and raised in the Midwest. He is one of 12 kids in a close knit family. Peter has been in the hair industry for 14 years, has been listening and giving advice to women for as many years.

This has been his inspiration for writing this book. In this book Peter talks about all the secret desires that women want for their marriages, their children,their life.

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