Why should we outsource our medical billing to United Medical Solutions, Inc.?

Outsourcing the very complex medical billing process significantly increases a physician’s confidence that billing is handled accurately and efficiently. PMSQUAD (PMS) eliminates the time, frustration and expense associated with building and maintaining the skilled workforce needed to achieve optimal reimbursement in the ever-changing and very challenging insurance industry. Staffing, equipment, record keeping, and space for in-house billing can be costly and still not provide the level of expertise required to ensure submission of compliant claims that produce timely accounts receivable recovery.

PMSQUAD brings its clients extraordinary expertise that enables physicians/providers to focus on the most essential element of a practice – patient care.

Above all, Our clients know their business interests are in the hands of competent committed professionals.

What services are available from PMSQUAD?

Eligibility And verification of benefits.

Management of Insurance Policies

Claims Follow-up

Patients Statements

Account Receivable Analysis

Monthly And Annual Reports

Patient Billing Inquiries

Credentialing Guidelines

Does PMSQUAD have a Compliance Plan?

Yes! PMSQUAD is fully committed to compliance with clear standards of performance and education as well as the use of constructive discipline when and where necessary to maintain adherence to compliance policy and procedure

What makes PMSQUAD different from other billing services?

The PMSQUAD team consider themselves an integral extension of your practice. The management team is comprised of owners who are actively involved in the daily operations of the business. We have a personal stake in maximizing our client’s revenue dollars and minimizing the revenue cycle period. We take the time to understand your goals so that we can achieve results to help you meet those goals.

How do we get started?

Contact Us!
Please help us prepare by providing us with any details about your practice including practice model, specialty, and any specific concerns. Include the best time to contact you