PMSQUAD offers consulting to small and large healthcare providers groups. We use our education and expertise to work for you. We are there to address everyday problems running your clinic. We do have a proven track record in helping new clinic or established clinic-improving reimbursement.


Verification of Benefits

Eligibility And verification of Benefits. When a medical practice fails to complete a proper verification of a patient’s benefits, the stage is Read More
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  • Primary, secondary and tertiary

Insurance Policies

Insurance Submission Claim           Read More
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Claim Follow-up

Claim Follow-up Including All activities. There are lots of things your medical office can do to prevent delays in claim processing and in some instan Read More
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Patient Statements

Patient Statements                                                         In today’s healthcare market patients are con Read More
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Account Receivable Analysis

Account Receivable Analysis Accounts receivable are the amounts owed to a business by its customers, and are comprised of a potentially large number o Read More
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Monthly And Annual Reports

Monthly And Annual reports    We meet with you and your selected staff monthly to personally review each report and answer your questions. Our infor Read More
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Patient Billing Inquiries

Patient Billing Inquiries. For billing questions related to PMSQUAD medical billing,  please check your billing statement for an appropriate contact. Read More
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Credentialing Guidelines

Credentialing Guidelines Basically it suggests criteria for appointment and reappointment. The medical director must meet the same criteria as other d Read More

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